Tuesday, March 2, 2010

My Review: Microwave Omelet Maker

I like omelets. I hate making them. Here is the process as I see it:
1. Mix eggs
2. Pour eggs into pan
3. Realize you forgot to grease the pan
4. Remember you are using a nonstick pan
5. Watch it cook
6. Wonder how long you should let it go before you add toppings
7. Just give up, add toppings now and hope it works
8. Scramble around for a spatula
9. Break the omelet in an attempt to flip it in half
10. Stare at the gooey mess on your plate with confusion
11. Poke it. 
12. Nibble a little piece to see if it's edible
13. Decide you don't want to waste 15 cents worth of eggs and eat it even though it's awful
We got a microwave omelet maker a little while back. When I first saw one, I thought it was a semi-circular sandwich holder. Maybe it's a taco holder. Weirder things exist! It's small, white and has two little compartments. I sat there for quite a while wondering how on earth this thing would make eggs in the microwave, and the instructions were dirt-simple. Mix 2 eggs and some water (there was a specific amount, but I forget), pour half into each part, and cook an high for about a minute. Then you take it out, stir it, be amazed that this thing is actually cooking, and repeat the process several times with different cook times (see your own instructions for specifics). Add toppings, close the compartments, and cook a little bit more. Pull it out, slide it off, and tah-dah! Out comes a cute little omelet.
Considering getting one? Here's what to look for:
Strong, durable plastic
Lock that will lock tightly and unlock easily
Dishwasher safe

  • easy to use
  • fast- done within five minutes
  • nonstick- no little egg bits for you to scrape off
  • dishwasher safe
  • good for a quick meal
  • eggs may discolor a bit (mine were grey in places but tasted the same throughout)
  • slightly dry texture
  • requires fairly constant tending 
  • not practical for more than 2 servings
The Bottom Line:
While it definitely will not replace a good pan and some skill, this is a great tool to use if you need a quick meal or an alternative for a picky eater. 

What it looks like

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  1. it does look like a taco holder! i should steel it and put it in a fancy box with THE AMAZING ON OF A KIND TACO HOLDER and i could make millions!