Friday, May 27, 2011


It happens to the best of us.

I'm not "the best of us," but I fail sometimes, and this is especially true of angel food cake. I've only ever made it twice, and both times have been horrific.

Yesterday, it was lovely and summery, so I decided to make up a bountiful batch of batter, with which to formulate some fantastic angel food cupcakes, and then the following happened:
  • I looked at the wrong recipe in the cookbook, and measured out an incorrect amount of flour, salt, and I even added some baking powder. (Thankfully, I realized the mistake, tossed the flour, and started again.)
  • I knew that the cakes would stick to the muffin tin, so I made little circles of parchment paper that would cover the bottom, making it easy to remove, while the batter could still climb the sides. 
  • I forgot the vanilla, and only noticed after I had put the pans in the oven.
  • Not having enough parchment circles, I decided to pour the rest of the cake into a loaf pan. It collapsed, leaving a disgusting mush of uncooked egg foam in the bottom of the loaf.
  • Some of the cupcakes burned. I named one "Bernie."
  • It was messy.
However, some of the cupcakes were actually pretty tasty, and I managed to get one nice picture.

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